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"Trying to Outrun Avanyu"
16" H x 36" W x 12 " D
ED-6   2016  Bronze
Price: $6,700.00

Avanyu is the water serpent of the Pueblo people.  Avanyu is not a myth or folklore; it has been seen by many individuals in the water sources throughout the New Mexico area. I have read several eye witness accounts and have tried to sculpt the image according to these reports. The Pueblo people believe all water sources are connected by underground tunnels and many will not swim in the lakes during certain times of the year, because they believe Avanyu will be visiting the body of water during that time of the year. When the clouds are rolling in the sky, Avanyu is moving throughout them and when you see lightning in the sky, it's coming out of its mouth.
Winner of the -
* The Anne Marion/Best of Show,
*Gold Medal for Sculpture,  at the
51st Annual Cowboy Artists of America Show, 2016.