The Mourner
28"h x 8 "w x 23 "d
ED 25 - 2010 - Bronze
Price: $5,600.00
Limited Edition's. Please contact Galleries if interested in a purchase.
* Gold Medal / Maurice B. Hexter Prize
at The National Sculpture Societys
79th Annual Exhibition
I was inspired to do "The Mourner" after reading about one of Joseph Sharp's experiences on the Crow reservation. He witnessed a man grieving the death of his son by taking the lives of his favorite ponies and dragging their heads around with rawhide ropes fastened to the muscles on his back, similar to the Sun Vow ceremony. I know that the imagery isn't the most politically correct and some people will see it as animal cruelty, but what captured my emotions was the action of this father sacrificing his most prized possessions to show that they meant nothing to him compared to the love that he had for his child. I tried to show the grief and heartbreak in his face and tragic pose.