The Stickball Game
26" H x 38" W x 19" D
ED 8 - 2012 - Bronze
Price: $11,500
*Silver Medal Winner for Sculpture at
The 47th Annual Cowboy Artists
of America Show & Exhibition
Limited Edition's. Please contact Galleries if interested in a purchase.
My Grandmother, who was a citizen of the Muskogee Nation, would tell me stories of her younger years growing up in Oklahoma in the early 1900's.  Her father was white, but he thought it was important for her and her siblings to maintain the connection to their heritage, so he would load them up into the wagon and take them to the tribal dances and stickball games.
One of her favorite memories was watching the stickball games.  She said back then it was like a battle.  They would use the sticks, not only to catch and throw the ball, but to hit opposing players in the head.  By the end of the match everyone would be covered in blood.  As she would tell the story to me, over the years, she would describe in detail the action.  I sculpted "The Stickball Game" from her and my memories, that she painted in my mind so well over the years.  Several years back, she passed away at the age of 95; every time I look at the sculpture I see the excitement in her face when she would relay her memories to me.