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"Red Ghost of Arizona"
24 " H x 16" W x 7 " D
ED-6  2016  Bronze
Price: $4,000.00

The Red Ghost is the most unusual and bizarre true story of the American West.  In the 1880's, a strange large red creature roamed the Southeastern part of Arizona, killing two women. It was reported to mysteriously appear from the desert with Death riding its back and almost magically vanish into the open vastness. Miners and ranchers tried killing this dangerous creature for years, until one Rancher was finally successful and discovered the creature was a camel and Death was a mummified corpse that was tied to the saddle on its back. The assumption was, it was a runaway from the U.S. Army Camel Corps and the mummified individual was an unfortunate soldier that was being hazed by being tied to his saddle. Unfortunately the camel got away and the soldier dehydrated and died in the saddle being mummified by the hot Arizona sun. There is no account of this in the military records.