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"Navajo Country" was inspired by the layout of comic books with floating storytelling windows and a Route 66 postcard of an old woman watching over her herd of sheep. I wanted to show the vastness of the Navajo Nation and try to combine it all into a bronze composition. I was challenged with the concept of having a relief appear to be floating free and how to support the relief to maintain that illusion. By using the Navajo woman as the support for the relief and the flock of Churro sheep going from a low to high relief, I felt it ties in well with the three dimensional sheep in the foreground.
"Navajo Country"
20"H x 21" W x 8" D
ED-6  2018  Bronze
Winner of the -
* The Ray Swanson Award, at the
53rd Annual Cowboy Artists of America Show, 2018.
Winner of the -
"Robert Lougheed Memorial Award" at  the
National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum,
Prix de West 2019.