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"Hopi Two Horned Priest"
14 "H x 9 "W x 7"D
ED-8   2017  Bronze

The priests of the Two Horn Society are some of the most sacred and powerful individuals in the Hopi community.  They act as guards at the Wuwuchim ceremony, blessing and protecting the participating individuals.  The ram horns they wear on their heads represent the knowledge, secrets and remembered experiences of the four worlds (one and two were previous worlds, the third is the underworld and the fourth is the present world). Ram horns attached to a basket headdress were originally used, but later horns were constructed of formed sticks covered by rawhide, such as in the sculpture, with tuffs of eagle down attached with pitch which is also attached to his body in two rows from the top of his head to his feet. The priests wear nothing but their headdress, a white dance kilt and a large buckskin cape.  No non-Hopi can understand the magic, power and spirituality these men possess. It is said that they are the keepers of the balance of the stars, sun, sky and moon. They are the protectors of human life and everything on earth. They are the intermediaries between the living and the dead.