The Ghost Wrestler
19 1/2" W x 10" D x 22" H
ED 15 - 2011 - Bronze
Price: $ 9,600.00
Limited Edition's. Please contact Galleries if interested in a purchase.
*Silver Medal Winner for Sculpture at
The 46th Annual Cowboy Artists of America Show & Exhibition.

*The Fine Art Connoisseur Award,
National Sculpture Society's 80th Annual Awards Exhibition.
In the folklore of the Sioux, there is a story that tells of a late night encounter around a warrior's fire, where a ghost described as a rotting corpse challenged a warrior to a wrestling match.  If the warrior won, then he'll be victorious over his enemies.  They wrestled throughout the night; the closer to the darkness, the ghost became stronger and the closer to the fire, the ghost became weaker.  Finally the warrior pushed the ghost towards the fire and kicked a log on the burning coals and when the fire flared up the ghost crumpled to the ground.  The warrior, as promised, became victorious over his enemies and stole many horses. They say, to this very day, this is why the Sioux always listen to ghosts.