Finger That Kills
81 "h x 37 "w x 21 "d
ED 8 - 2010 - Bronze
Price: $36,000.00

*Silver Medal Winner for Sculpture at
The 45th Annual Cowboy Artists
of America Show & Exhibition
Limited Edition's. Please contact Galleries if interested in a purchase.
This sculpture is of a Blackfoot named "Finger That Kills" that Charlie Russell knew and wrote about in his book "Trials Plowed Under". He got his name while scouting for a horse raiding party. He was ambushed by a group of Gros Ventres and was knocked out when a bullet ricocheted off his head, and was presumed dead. One of the warriors noticed the rings he wore and decided to remove them by cutting off his fingers. He endured having three fingers removed on his right hand while playing dead until his party arrived to rescue him.  His name comes from the one remaining finger on his right hand; the trigger finger that was used to kill his enemies.