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"Emissary of the Mountain Spirits"
55" H x 24" W x 12 " D
ED-6  2016  Bronze
Price: $16,500.00

The White Mountain Apaches Ga'an Dancers are the emissaries of the White Mountain spirits. They are used in healing ceremonies, girls' puberty rites, controlling the weather and protection ceremonies from illness and even witchcraft. There are five dancers involved in the dance; four dancers represent the Four Directions and the fifth is the clown and is used to protect the others from evil spirits during the process. He is also the servant and messenger for the group. He's the only one that can talk during the ceremonies.  These hooded figures are also called Crown Dancers and by the early misinformed White visitors "Devil Dancers". The crown worn on top of their hooded heads represent many aspects of nature through form and symbolism.  Mostly their bodies are painted black and white, but also come in other colors, such as yellow and green.