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"Discipline of the Ogres"
11" H x 21 " W x 6 " D
ED-6   2016  Bronze  
Price: $4,700.00

On a visit to Second Mesa to attend a Hopi Harvest Dance, I witnessed the descent of the Ogres from the sacred mountain to deal with a misbehaving young child. The Hopis don't believe in corporal punishment, but deals with unruly children in a very different way.  The menacing Ogres descend to the village and demand the parents bring out the child to them. They threaten the child with putting him or her in a bag and hauling him or her up to the mountain where they will be cut up and eaten. The parents will then try to convince or bribe the Ogres into giving the child one more chance, thus making the parents a hero in the child's eyes. Later when the child starts to misbehave again, all the parents have to do is remind the child of the possible returning of the Ogres and the possibility that they may not be able to convince them to release the unruly one on their next visit. The child straightens up immediately.