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The Buffalo Jump
44" h x 24 " d x 24 " w
Ed. 1/8 - 2013 Bronze
Price: $15,500.00

The use of the "Buffalo Jump" or "Pishkin" was the only way the Native Americans could survive before the introduction of the horse by the Spanish.  Archeological evidence shows the "Pishkins" were used as early as 12,000 years ago.  The act of running the buffalo off a cliff was the only process that man could use to take down an animal of their size and speed.  The act wasn't invented by man to be cruel; it was created by them to survive. 
I wanted to challenge myself to create a sculptural composition of weightless buffaloes freefalling from a cliff above.  I don't look at this piece as a sculpture of death, but a sculpture of life for the Native Americans.  Without the sacrifice of the lives of the buffaloes, the Native Americans would not make it throughout the year.